About the ebook

We wrote an ebook about our first stint on the road in 2011-2012. You can find it here.

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Join Paul and Lisa as they drive across America and discover the joys of life on the road. They dodge bears, avoid rattlesnakes, and mingle with locals as they switch from a life at-rest to a life in-motion.

Is the corporate time-for-money trade starting to sound like a raw deal? Road Tripping in America is about jumping off the corporate ladder in search of something more. It’s about reclaiming your time instead of trading it away. Retirement is wasted on the weary.

Road Tripping in America follows a 12-month, 38,000-mile break from 40-hour-per-work-week corporate reality. It’s not a how-to guide; those books have already been written. It’s a rallying cry to begin: a call to action to start your journey today.

Get reading. Then get moving.