Series 1

Series 1 – Before the Truck Starts

In this series, we get ready for life on the road.


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S1:E1 – Ten Years Later, We Begin Again

Why we decided to live in a vehicle and what we picked: featuring palm readers, lots of research, box wine, and In-N-Out burgers.

S1:E2 – Who Needs a Toilet When You Have a Shovel?

What we decided to name the camper, a tour of what it does and doesn’t have, and a dry run to find out what else we’re missing. Hey, just in case you didn’t get the hint, we’re going to talk about bodily functions in this episode. So, you’ve been warned.

S1:E3 – Trading Stuff for Places

What we’re doing with all our stuff, where we’re going once we start for real, and what’s next for the podcast.

S1:E4 – Six Hours in a Mexico City Police Station

Today, while we finish packing, moving, and fitting out the Bobs, we bring you the true story of our worst travel experience…so far.

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