Road Tripping in America is a podcast about life on the road, brought to you by two restless souls, Lisa and Paul. We’re exploring the US in a pickup truck with a camper – we named our setup The Bobs.

We’re in search of off-the-beaten-path adventures and new experiences. If you daydream about long-term travel or overlanding or #vanlife – or maybe you’re already on your own adventure – join us every two to three weeks as we share our stories from the road.

You can also read and see more on our blog, Driving Inertia, where we post photos from our journeys.

We release new episodes every two to three weeks, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays.

If there’s anything you’re curious about, you’re looking for road life advice, or you have suggestions for places we need to visit, we’d love to hear from you – email us at info(at)roadtrippinginamerica.com.


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Latest episodes:

S4:E7 – Montana’s Most Wanted

What happens when you get pulled over in the middle of the night by what feels like the entire police force of Missoula, MT? It’s a Driver’s Ed segment featuring three dads from upstate New York who, for a few hours in 1993, found themselves in the kind of situation they never expected to be in when they had left home for a northern Rockies backpacking trip 40ish hours earlier.

This story isn’t just about one of the scariest things that happened to these three. It’s also about friendships and inside jokes that last decades. And it’s about memory – how our minds highlight some events while glossing over others; how memory is often a collective, shared experience.

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S4:E6 – Wendy’s Cross-Country Motorcycle Adventure

Special guest Wendy Allen joins us for a “Drivers’ Ed” segment about the 30 days she spent on her motorcycle, riding solo from Wisconsin to Vegas and back. From cramped hands to making connections with strangers when she needed them most to realizing what was most important in her life, Wendy takes us through the unfiltered story of her adventure. And, she tells us why she’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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S4:E5 – New Mexico Truths

Ride along with the Bobs as we drive from City of Rocks to Albuquerque, chasing green chiles and New Mexico truths along the way. The fires in the state may be preventing us from camping and hiking, but they can’t keep us from eating up everything else as we make our way north.

Learn more about New Mexico cuisine, how a town famous for its name got its name, where to find sparkling wine in New Mexico, the tastiest green chile cheeseburgers, heroic hot shot crews, how we save money on splurge days, and more.

For photos from this episode: visit our blog, Driving Inertia

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S4:E3 – The Utah Episode

Another five weeks in Utah! Today, a What is it About This Place? with my top ten most memorable moments from those five weeks. From spider eyeballs to the time that Paul moved my foot and almost killed me – it was unforgettable. And in the latest Stocks and Vagabonds installment, Paul compares our costs from this round to our time in Utah last fall – did we achieve that $2,800/month ideal spend again?

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S4:E0 – Series Four is Coming Soon!

Series four will be starting soon! In series four, we will continue to share updates from the road including “days in the life,” where we’ll take you along on a typical day on the road. We also hope to bring in other voices, including stories about why other people are on the road, their travel nightmares, and their inspirations. If you have a story you’d like to share to get us started, email us at info(at)roadtrippinginamerica.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Series four is taking a bit longer than expected to get started because I have been working on a print version of The White Heart of Mojave story – and it’s out today!! It’s available in Kindle ebook format now and will be available in paperback format in a couple days – both on Amazon.

We can’t wait to bring you along as we see what’s out there next.

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