Series 4

Series 4 – Back West

In this series, we’re back west and that’s all we have to say about that.


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S4:E0 – Series Four is Coming Soon!

Series four will be starting soon! In series four, we will continue to share updates from the road including “days in the life,” where we’ll take you along on a typical day on the road. We also hope to bring in other voices, including stories about why other people are on the road, their travel nightmares, and their inspirations. If you have a story you’d like to share to get us started, email us at info(at) We’d love to hear from you.

We can’t wait to bring you along as we see what’s out there next.

S4:E1 – Back West

Hi! We’ve missed you! Let’s talk about where we are now and why it’s Utah. Then, come along with us in the Bobs as we explore the San Rafael Swell and try to find a sheltered campsite on a very windy day – a typical day in our life.

S4:E2 – One Year of Early Retirement

We’re coming up on a year of no-job roadlife. Today, it’s an unsolicited advice smorgasbord – what kind of advice are people giving us? And what advice do your two favorite unshowered dirtbags feel qualified to give you? Money, life, relationships…it’s all on the buffet table.

S4:E3 – The Utah Episode

We just spent another five weeks in Utah! Today, a What is it About This Place? with my top ten most memorable moments from those five weeks. From spider eyeballs to the time that Paul moved my foot and almost killed me – it was unforgettable. And in the latest Stocks and Vagabonds installment, Paul compares our costs from this round to our time in Utah last fall – did we achieve that $2,800/month ideal spend again?