S2:E4 – The Colorado Mountain Biking Special

A special edition all about mountain biking in and around Colorado. We rank, we review, we get bruised (often). Find out how Hartman Rocks in Gunnison, the Thunder Trails in Norwood, and Turkey Springs in Pagosa Springs stack up with a few other trail systems in Colorado.

Do you have any suggestions for mountain bike trails we should check out – in Colorado or anywhere else? Let us know at info(at)roadtrippinginamerica.com.

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S2:E2 – Planning for Spontaneity

When traveling, do you like to plan every detail or relax and go with the flow? Lisa used to be a thorough planner, but found that all that planning did was make her miserable and stressed. She has learned that she can’t plan or predict when interesting or memorable things are going to happen, so she just has to put herself in the way for them to happen. How that approach to travel relates to our life on the road, highs and lows from the first month of road life, and the Road Tripping in America road trip playlist.

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S2:E1 – On the Road…Again

Listen in on our first week on the road, as we leave Fort Collins, overland Colorado’s bumpy backcountry discovery route, explore Buena Vista, Salida, and Leadville, and search for the right pace for long-term travel.

Pace is important. We don’t want to fly through things too quickly. We don’t want to leave things undone because it’s not always feasible to go back. But there’s so much to see and do that even with unlimited time, it’s still impossible to do everything. Because you’re always limited by something – if not time, then weather, dirt road fatigue, the need for fresh vegetables, life maintenance duties. So we’ll be working on finding the right balance for us as we continue this journey.

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S1:E4 – Six Hours in a Mexico City Police Station

The true story of our worst travel experience…so far.

Good trip stories are boring. There’s only so much you can say about that great meal you had in San Francisco, that amazing wine you tasted in Bordeaux, those three glorious days you sat on the beach in Cancun. Most of our travel stories are boring. We usually get lucky. But two years ago, we did not get lucky on our last day in Mexico City. Instead, we spent six hours in the police station on our last day of vacation. Listen to find out why…

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